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An engagement with Widewaters is unique in this industry and goes far beyond a simple "contract and build" relationship. We pride ourselves in being a knowledge-based company, taking into account all aspects of the build process, not just the laying of brick and steel.

Through our comprehensive understanding of the construction business we take into account every phase of building and manage each phase through an integrated, yet flexible, engagement process that allows us to deliver a finished asset on time and on budget.

Our customers engage with us at various stages of the process, whether they need us to manage the entire project from start to finish, or have most of the financial, legal, and risk assessment completed, and simply need Widewaters to manage the physical construction process.
Experience has taught us that a process driven engagement is only as good as our ability to manage and disseminate information between our staff and the customer's team. To manage the volumes of information created by the building process, Widewaters uses cutting edge software to capture and document every phase of the process. Our use of technology streamlines our processes and gives us the ability to shorten the length of the closing process, being able to transmit many if not all of the required documentation electronically.

Widewaters Construction, Inc.

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