Senior Accountant

Pyramid Network Services, LLC - Various Locations
East Syracuse, NY

Posted May 5, 2017

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Senior Accountant


This position is responsible for certain accounting functions for Pyramid Network Services, LLC. These functions & responsibilities include (but are not limited to) client billings, payroll postings, general ledger reconciliations and contract administration.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounts Receivable functions and responsibilities:
  • Request purchase orders from clients at the direction of project managers
  • Record purchase orders received from clients
  • Distribute database of client purchase orders to project managers for review and billing
  • Prepare billings to clients at the direction of project managers
  • Record client billings in Pyramid system and client’s database (if required)
  • Prepare corresponding payable (project based commission) to employees for milestones completed for each client billing (if required)
  • Maintain database of client purchase orders
  • Respond to client’s request for supporting details to billings
  • Obtain appropriate approvals on client billings
  • Distribute billings accordingly, to clients and internal distribution
  • Receive and post payments from clients accordingly
  • Assist in the collection of past due payments from clients
  • Financial Related functions:
  • Assist as needed in reconciling certain general ledger records to determine mispostings and identifying corrective measures required
  • Prepare financial analysis as requested or required
  • Administrative functions:
  • Assist as needed in preparing certain correspondence as required by assigned functions and also as required by supervisor
  • File documents accurately, timely and appropriately
  • Assists others as needed on special projects, as necessary.


Bachelor’s degree in Business/Accounting or equivalent for four-year College or technical school; or three to five years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Pyramid Network Services, LLC - Various Locations

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Our Mission

Pyramid Network Services, LLC will be the superior supplier of communication Site Development and Construction Services with an absolute commitment to Quality, Safety, Integrity and Cost where the Customers' best interests are always best served.

Corporate Overview

Pyramid entered the telecommunications industry in 1996 with the establishment of Pyramid Site Acquisition Services - a division focusing on site acquisition and zoning services for the telecommunications industry.

Pyramid Network Services, LLC was formed as an affiliate of Pyramid Brokerage, the largest Commercial Real Estate Firm in Upstate NY. In 2000, to better serve the industry demand for a performance oriented service provider, the company expanded to offer turnkey telecommunications services.

Pyramid is headquartered in Syracuse, New York and we maintain office in Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, Richmond, VA, Albany, NY, Cincinnati, OH and New York, NY, and project offices throughout the US.

Pyramid is a debt-free organization. We are licensed to operate in 46 states.

Pyramid Network Services, LLC - Various Locations

6519 Towpath Road

East Syracuse, NY 13057

Telephone (315) 701-1300